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Spartan Football

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Welcome to the All New Touchdown Club

Welcome to the all-new touchdown club.

We are a new group with the mission of supporting the sport of football and it's teams in every facility of the game.  We need you to join our group. We are looking for alumni, parents, community partners, or anyone who loves football. Please take a close look at our website for team agenda and visions and events.

"Always Earned, Never Given”

Congratulation Daniel VanOverbeke


Danny was the recipient of the Youth Football sponsored "Mentorship award ".  Each year the Varsity players take part in youth practices and interact with the player as teachers, mentors, and examples of community leaders.  Danny excelled in our program and was the ideal candidate to win the award.


Good luck on your next step at Notre Dame and please come back often to watch and be part of our Orono Football Family





A mentor is someone that will be able to give you constructive criticism to help you improve. On the days when you need an extra push, mentors can make a real difference, when on the days when you begin to doubt yourself they can show you how far you have come and give you an extra confidence boost that will make sure you do not throw in the towel before you reach your goal.