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Touchdown Club

Welcome to the All New Touchdown Club

We are a new group with the mission of supporting the sport of football and it's teams in every facility of the game.  We need you to join our group. We are looking for alumni, parents, community partners, or anyone who loves football. Please take a close look at our website for team agenda and visions and events.

Join our Club

Sign up and become a member of the touchdown club,

Whether you are a current player,  alumni, or just a fan.

To ensure you receive emails as they relate to the upcoming season, Just click on the link below and register. 


*** Note:  Your  Sportsengine Membership will carry over if you have done this step in a prior season.

Donate to Orono varsity Football

The new football touchdown club

The Orono Football Association is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Our sole purpose is to support the Orono High School Football Program and the head coach, to help provide a football culture of unity and involvement.  The touchdown club can do this with helping on additional funds and volunteer hours to ensure a safe, memorable and successful experience for our players, fans and families.  We do this through fundraising, volunteer coordination, and connections through the community with organizations like the marching band and the cheer squad. Our goal is to get as many families involved as possible to promote awareness and enthusiasm for the Spartan football program.